Why We Recommend ClearCorrect

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Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile! For many orthodontics or traditional braces were a memory from years ago. They had traditional braces and now 20 years later their teeth have shifted. For others, the opportunity was not available for them and they have always wanted to straighten their teeth!

No matter the circumstances ClearCorrect is a great option for a lot of patients. Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect is a great alternative for adults that don’t want frequent visits or the appearance of metal braces. ClearCorrect requires the regular use of clear aligners, that shift the teeth into ideal position.

What are the advantages of ClearCorrect?

The advantages of ClearCorrect are not only virtually invisible aligners but fewer less visits to the dental office. As a result of using aligners, there isn’t a need for frequent adjusting of wires or replacing broken brackets. For the working adult or the adult in general many do not want the appearance of metal braces, this is a huge advantage of using ClearCorrect!

How do I know if ClearCorrect is right for me?

Schedule your visit with a ClearCorrect providing, including Providence Dentistry. Your dental provider will conduct an exam, review x-rays and may take a few photos. After reviewing your needs and discussing your treatment you will know if ClearCorrect is an option for you. The appointment takes around 30 minutes! If ClearCorrect is right for you one of our qualified dental team members will discuss dental insurance options with you along with finances and get you scheduled to start your treatment!

If you want to find out more about ClearCorrect or schedule an appointment with Providence Dentistry call today 704.846.1401!

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