Dental Plaque, Where Is It & How To Remove It

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You have probably heard about dental plaque. Most of us have all had it and we can thus agree that it is disgusting. Dental plaque is the sticky film you feel when you run your tongue across your teeth. It is not a good sign and can be the cause of some dental complications. This is because it harbors a lot of bacteria that will be very harmful if not controlled.

So what causes plaque or tartar (when calcified)? For one, high intake of sugars produces high levels of acid in your mouth that corrodes your teeth. This will in turn cause cavities and gum disease. Sometimes it is difficult to spot dental plaque. Even though you might not feel the film on your teeth, you may still suffer from plaque. Hence, how can you prevent and control plaque?

Proper brushing – This seems too obvious to state but there are many people who do not use the proper techniques hence end up not cleaning their teeth as they should. You need a good toothbrush that must be replaced every six months. If possible, brush your teeth after every meal.

Always Floss – This also seems to be too much work especially if you brush your teeth as often as you should. However, adopting a habit of flossing will save you a lot of trouble that may arise from dental plaque.

Eat healthy – Other than that, cut out unhealthy foods and beverages as much as you can. High levels of sugar are a great hindrance to dental health. Substitute snacks and sugary foods for a piece of fruit or vegetable.

Above all these necessities, ensure that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. This will nip some issues in the bud as well as treat already existing ones. Are you looking for a great dental office that cares about you and your dental health? Call Providence Dentistry today to schedule your dental appointment 704.846.1401 or learn more about our office here.

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