Drinking Water, The Benefits To Your Dental Health

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About 75% of the average human body consists of water, a clear indication of the crucial role that hydration plays in maintaining our body systems. While every organ requires water for proper functioning, oral health would be impossible without sufficient levels of hydration. Here are three essential benefits of water to your oral health.

A recipe for fresh breath

Staying hydrated keeps the mouth clean. Drinking water frequently cleans out any food residue, sugar from soft drinks as well as bacteria. Water keeps your mouth free of these foreign bodies that are responsible for bad breath. Consequently, you will enjoy fresh breathe throughout the day as you go about your routine.

Prevents dry mouth

Low hydration causes low levels of saliva which in turn may lead to plaque buildup. The symptoms of plaque include discoloration of teeth and the buildup of cavities. Dry lips may also be so painful and uncomfortable. Enough water ensures a constant supply of saliva, effectively keeping plaque at bay.

Flushing out of toxins

Water is also essential in flushing out of toxins from human bodies. Toxins allowed to build up have adverse effects on oral and overall health. Toxins lead to the development of gum diseases and can lead to cavities as well.

In a nutshell, water is an essential component of oral health as it prevents mouth dryness and flushes out toxins from the body. You need plenty of water to maintain fresh breath throughout the day and protect your teeth from discoloration and cavities.

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