New Year & Dental Benefits

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With the start of the new year, keep in mind that many dental insurance policies renew on January 1st. It’s important to look over your renewed policy and see if there have been any changes to it. This is also an ideal time to make use of your new benefits for the year. 

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an essential part of maintaining your physical health overall. You can use your dental benefits to schedule exams and cleanings in the new year. Keep in mind that you should plan to have these cleanings and exams done every six months. These dental visits help ensure that you have a lower risk of having tooth decay and gum problems by having plaque and tartar buildup removed from your teeth. At Providence Dentistry we look for warning signs of other dental problems that need to be treated. 

Dealing with Cosmetic Problems

Some dental insurance policies include coverage for cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, but most do not. If you have any cosmetic issues that affect your teeth, such as a space between two of your front teeth, crooked teeth or tooth discoloration, you might be able to use your benefits to have cosmetic dental procedures done.

Don’t put off necessary dental treatment. We hope you make 2019 a year dedicated to your health including your dental health. To schedule an appointment with Providence Dentistry call 704.846.1401.

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