How “One Visit Dentistry” is Changing the Patient Experience

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The days of having to wait for weeks or even months for dental work to be completed may be over. Many dentists are starting to use one visit dentistry for many dental procedures. Learn more about this new, state-of-the-art dental service and discover how it is improving the patient experience.

What is One Visit Dentistry?

Just like the name suggests, one visit dentistry allows patients to complete certain types of dental work, such as root canals with dental crowns, dental bridges, and veneers, in a single office visit. In the past, these types of dental procedures often required multiple office visits that were spread out over the course of four to six weeks.

Currently, one visit dentistry can be used for dental procedures that involve the following products:

New Dental Technology Makes One Visit Dentistry Possible 

The reason why dental restoration procedures took so long and required so many office visits was because the products used, such as bridges, crowns, and veneers, weren’t created in the office. The products were created in an off-site facility that was located miles away.

Patients who were undergoing a dental restoration would have to schedule a first appointment that involved having impressions and digital images taken. Those digital images and impressions would be sent off to the manufacturing lab where the crown, bridge, or veneer would be created. It could take anywhere from several weeks to two months for the labs to create the product used for the dental restoration.

Once the product was completed and the dentist had received it in the office, the patient would be notified and would then be able to schedule a second appointment for the actual procedure or if the dental restoration procedure was completed during the first visit then the second appointment was just to place the product.

One visit dentistry speeds up the entire dental restoration process by allowing dentists to create the products right in their office. Using advanced, state-of-the-art technology, dentists are able to take images and digital impressions right in the office. Those images and impressions are sent to the in-office lab where the crown, bridge, or veneer is created. After the product is created, which takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes, the dentist can cement it securely in the mouth and the entire dental procedure is completed.


One Visit Dentistry Makes for a Better Patient Experience 

One visit dentistry doesn’t just speed up the process for dental restorations. It helps to make for an overall better patient experience.

Some of the things one visit dentistry does that improves the patient experience include:

  • Removing the need to have to go through the uncomfortable experience of making impressions with ‘goop’
  • Allowing patients’ to see a digital image of what their final appearance will look like after the restoration process – the technology used allows dentists to create an after photo that shows the improvements that will be made with the placement of the crown, bridge, or veneer
  • Most dental procedures can be completed in a single visit, which makes it ideal for patients who lead busy lives – almost 99% of all dental restoration procedures can be completed in a single day. Only about 1% requires a second office visit.
  • Use of temporary fillings or temporary dental crowns is eliminated because there is no waiting period between when the procedure is completed and the final dental restoration product is placed
  • Better fitting dental restoration products – use of digital imaging and digital impressions means the product used during the dental restoration often fits better and more naturally
  • Teeth are healthier because the restoration product is placed and bonded immediately which eliminates or reduces the amount of time the tooth is exposed

Interested in improving your smile with the help of one visit dentistry? Call Providence Dentistry to schedule an appointment to discuss how one visit dentistry can help you improve your smile.

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