bone grafting

Bone Grafting & Ridge Preservation

Bone grafting is recommended to help unsure the success of dental implants for several reasons.  Bone loss can occur from trauma, gum disease, previous extractions or atrophy. For the success of dental implants an adequate amount of bone must present in the dental implant site.  Bone grafting is the placement of bone either from a tissue bank or bone obtained from the patient themselves into the area of the future dental implant.

Bone grafting encourages the body to resorb the grafted bone and replace it with the your own. While the name bone grafting may seem overwhelming it is a minimally invasive procedure commonly recommended.

Ridge preservation is another common procedure necessary for the success of dental implants. When a tooth is lost for any reason the empty socket is left without major support that is needed for proper bone. Ridge preservation helps to ensure an ideal implant site and helps to eliminate bone loss as a result of the extraction. The ridge preservation procedure is minimally invasive and an important process for the success of the restoration in the specific area of tooth loss.

How to preserve the bone surrounding the extraction site of a tooth should be well thought out prior to the extraction procedure. We believe in having a plan for the success and optimal oral health of our patients is what makes our passion for dentistry show.

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