dental bonding & veneers

Dental Bonding & Veneers

Cosmetic dental bonding and veneers are a great way to change the appearance of a tooth or several teeth even providing the look of straight teeth. If you are wanting to achieve a whiter smile but have bonding, fillings or crowns on the anterior teeth you may be a good candidate for dental bonding or veneers. The at home teeth whitening process will not whiten unnatural tooth structures. This makes dental bonding common for a whiter smile in those areas.

Dental bonding is a procedure done same day where a resin filling is placed directly over the tooth to change the overall appearance. Dental bonding allows the illusion of alignment of teeth, a whiter smile or change in shape or length of the underlying tooth. Dental bonding is a great short term treatment option as the longevity of dental bonding is typically around 5 years before replacement is needed.

Dental veneers are a very common treatment option in cosmetic dentistry. Unlike dental bonding they are made in a dental lab to match an exact shade and shape desired. Dental veneers have a much longer longevity than dental bonding if properly maintained and are difficult to stain from day to day eating habits.

If you are looking to replace a discolored filling or crown in your smile line dental bonding and veneers are a great option. Contact Providence Dentistry today to schedule your consult 704.846.1401.

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