dentures & partials

Dentures & Partials

Whether you have lost teeth to trauma, infection, poor oral hygiene or for other reasons dentures and partials allow for restoration of your complete smile.

Dentures and partials are removable prosthodontics providing function and aesthetics. Partials and dentures are a great treatment alternative for replacement of one or several missing teeth. Partials and dentures can be removed for cleanings and adjustments. It is recommended that your partial or denture is removed every night.

Partials will attach to existing teeth either with plastic or metal clasps. Dentures however replace all teeth. Both partials and dentures are removable but may need adjustments throughout their lifetime along with proper care. Some dentures are able to be attached to dental implants allowing extra strength and stability.

If you have an existing denture or partial or have been recommended by your dental provider for either as treatment our dentists have the knowledge and experience to make completion of your treatment an easy transition.

To ensure longevity of your partial or denture proper daily care must be taken. We encourage all of our patients at Providence Dentistry to ask any questions they may have about care and maintenance of the dentures or partials to maintain a healthy smile.

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