Dental Implants

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There are options to repair or replace missing teeth, but nothing comes close to the convenience and benefits of dental implants.  

Due to research and technological advances with dental implants, virtually all dental implants today are produced with specialized threads similar to those used on a screw.

Depending on the tooth that is being replaced, there will be variations with the shape of the implant. The threads and techniques used in site preparation makes it possible for the implant to be firmly inserted into the jawbone so that teeth can be securely fastened to them the very same day. In dentistry, this is referred to as immediate implant loading — a major improvement to the way implants used to be handled. 

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants provide long-lasting solutions:

• With proper care and a periodic adjustment if needed, dental implants can literally last a lifetime.
• Compared to tooth-supported dental bridges, there’s no contest. Dental bridges usually only last between five to seven years, and possibly 10 years with proper care. That being said, at some point they may need to be replaced which means you would be starting all over again. 
• Other replacement options such as removable bridges can lead to bone deterioration. Moreover, these devices may interfere with speaking, eating, and smiling.  
• Jawbone deterioration can become a serious health issue when you have empty spaces in your mouth. The human jawbone is meant to support a natural tooth, but when it doesn’t, it can become weak and deteriorate.
• Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that stimulates natural bone growth, preserves natural bone, and helps to prevent bone loss.
Another benefit is that dental implants are strong, stable, and they look and feel exactly like a natural tooth.

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